Soda Pops NFT is more than just a non-fungible token and collectable. Soda Pops NFT is also a promotional gateway for Crypto brands to market and promote their tokens with exclusive collectable NFTs within our collectabale line of cans called Soda Pops. Companies can pay to have their logo put on a can with a limited supply, creating brand awarness for their company. A percentage of earnings from these NFTs would go to the company, while the rest would be alotted for gaming prizes.


Soda Pops NFT is not just a collectable, is also has a gaming aspect. Our team is working day and night to produce mini games for Soda Pops NFT that rewards those that play. Our final product will be an open world game in which Soda Pops NFT will be used as an interactive asset for in game players.

Our Goal

We are more than just a collectable art piece. Soda Pops NFT is one of many gaming NFT brands that will be used in our mini games and open world. We plan to release new Soda Pops every month with different brands and flavors to increase the collection size, and the value of previously minted Soda Pops. Our plan is to "pop" on the market with a useable interactive product from the start, this is why we have already completed some interactive aspects, and have started production on other parts our goals.


Soda Pops NFT has already created our 3D interactive minting platform that allows you to mint you very own Soda Pops directly from our website to be sold on OpenSea, or used in game with your NFT avatar. Our team is working on a variety of formulas to pay out players in our mini games and open world. Our platform has already begun beta-testing on our components, and we have already completed Phase 1 Public Beta Testing on Oct. 1, 2021 in our telegram group. Players will soon be able to unlock unique Avatars and customize them all while exploring our open world eco-system.



Phase 1
Complete Mini Game, NFT Content & Smart Contract
Beta Testing
Launch Soda Pops NFT Collection
Launch Soda Pops Mini Game
Cross Promotion with Other Brands
Game Updates and New Content
Avatar Update
Youtube Influencers
Closed Group Beta Testing Open World
Launch In-game token
Phase 2 Road Map Listing


Where do Soda Pops come from? Every month our designers make unique soda flavors for trending crypto brand names. These sodas are then placed into our vending machine to be vended (minted). Some flavors are more rare than others, so you will have to vend, trade or buy from other players to grow your collection. The Vending machine has a limited supply of Soda Pops every month, so it is first come first serve until the machine runs out, but dont worry, our vendors will be back to restock!!!


What if I get two of the same Soda Pops? If you end up with two of the same pops, you can recycle them for a new pop directly out of the vending machine by using our recycle mechanism. Recycling is the fastest way to get rid of duplicates in your collection and get new Soda Pops at a cheaper cost.

What Makes Value


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